Exposure to books is a necessary part of early childhood literacy and greatly increases a child’s likelihood of success in high school, college, and twenty-first century jobs. Research has proven that access to quality literacy resources has a direct and positive relationship to lifelong reading behavior and motivation, and also encourages families to read together.
Literacy is an essential element to a child’s development, which undoubtedly opens doors to brighter and more successful futures. Right to Read highlights the fact that children in America deserve the right to read, and the general public must understand the repercussions of illiteracy on one’s wellbeing.
Students living in poverty attend poor schools with no arts, no full curriculum, many unqualified and underprepared teachers, and no school libraries due to lack of funding. If these schools do have libraries, many do not employ certified librarians. Without a qualified librarian, children do not have proper exposure to books. The main issue Right to Read exposes is that not all children have access to quality literacy resources, and good school libraries with certified librarians
are the cure.
This campaign was created for Graphic Design 2, and includes a campaign booklet for more context.

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